A W Edwards Plumbing

About Us

A W Edwards Plumbing began operations in 1921 specialising in both the domestic and commercial markets. Our capabilities are wide-ranging providing expertise, advice and professional services covering all types of installation, repair, and maintenance works. Our experienced and qualified team can deliver quality plumbing services across all areas of the Sydney Metropolitan region.

Our Services

Our fully equipped, highly trained and licensed team can provide a complete range of plumbing services, achieving reliable and cost-effective solutions for both domestic and commercial projects.

Our range of services include:

  • Emergency Services
    • Clearing of Blocked Drains
    • Jet Blasting & Electric Eel Services
    • CCTV Inspections of stormwater and sewer drainage
  • Hot water installations
  • Cold water installations
  • New stormwater, sub soil and sewer drainage installations
  • Trade waste tank and pipework installations
  • Water tank installations
  • Stormwater detention tank installation
  • Irrigation installation
  • Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel systems
  • Gas service installations
  • Water filtration systems
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves – Installation plus annual maintenance/servicing
  • Roofing and guttering
  • Backflow Prevention Devices

We are here for you anytime

Our plumbing team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – making
sure that all calls are answered and emergency jobs are attended to immediately


  • Houses
  • Home Units
  • Villas


  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Sporting Facilities

Managed Residential

  • Strata Properties

Aged Care

What our clients say

As a Facilities Manager, I have introduced A W Edwards Plumbing to a number of large commercial and residential sites since 2009. They have successfully tendered and provided both timely and excellent service in accordance with, and sometimes beyond, their contractual obligations. Their team have proven to be knowledgeable and committed to providing stakeholders the better outcome on a wide range of complex situations.

Square South West Plot, Corner of Hay St & Darling Drive, Haymarket
Carlos Ward-Soares | Senior Facilities Manager Darling

For over 15 years A W Edwards Plumbing has been providing great, friendly, and timely service. Whether it is Geoffrey, Sung, Big Stu or Aaron, the boys are familiar with all sites. Having Ron Smith on the end of the phone to coordinate work is extremely valuable to us.

Carnegie Residence, Alexandria
Steve Ray

A W Edwards Plumbing has been our preferred plumbing subcontractor for more than 15 years as their services have always been of top quality.

They have a very good team of technicians and excellent management that can take care of complex and demanding situations. Due to the characteristics of the projects we undertake the working environment may in occasions be difficult. However, A W Edwards Plumbing personnel are very proud of their work and are always willing to adapt their processes and working standards to our project requirements or when a need for an improvement arises.

We have engaged A W Edwards Plumbing for a wide spectrum of working environments such as commercial and residential contracts including private and public housing, as well as hospitals, nursing homes, energy  and Councils.

Their working teams are capable of covering work demands across the whole NSW, from Tweed Heads to Eden and from Sydney to Broken Hill.

We choose A W Edwards Plumbing for our peace of mind; they always honour their agreements and deliver services as expected.

Firecorp Australia Pty Ltd
Eduardo Ermilio | Managing Director

Our clients range from individuals to large commercial and government clients.

We believe in “Do it once and do it right” and are committed to delivering the best possible service to our clients. We value developing and building repeat customer relationships.